Hello, I'm

Sam Milton

A student studying A Levels, IT Infrastructure
and web development.

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About Me

I am currently an A Level student studying Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. I am aiming to become an apprentice to study network engineering. I am a hard working individual who strives to better myself and learn new things at every opportunity. Presently, I am working as a freelance web developer. Through my freelance work I have learned a lot about the process of developing and deploying web/IT solutions for businesses. I have been a javascript developer for 2 years focusing on web development using NodeJS and front end libraries such as React. However, I also have experience within other programming languages such as: PHP; C#; Java and Python. Within my freetime I love to learn about networking and the processes of setting up and configuring networks. I have spent a considerable amount of time using Windows Server and its features such as Active Directory or its DHCP or DNS servers. This allows me to gain knowledge above and beyond that which is taught within my A Level’s specification.

What services do I offer?

Web and Graphics

Full Stack Web

Game and Web
Server Management

Have a look at my past projects

Surface Fixer is a small business located within the midlands. It now has a fresh modern look with being fully responsive and informative.
Brynwnion Cottage a furnished holiday let in Wales. The whole website was redesigned to offer the information people needed in a simple format. SEO was improved by linking their Google Acount with Wix and making meta data tweaks.
The Learning Hub is a educational center located in Leicester Forest East thats provides local tutoring. The website and other services such as a ticket system and booking system were setup to enable the client to manage their business.

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